module SubsetSum

  1. subset_sum.rb

This module provides both a C and pure ruby simple subset sum problem solver. The subset sum problem is, given a set of numbers, can the sum of any subset of those numbers equal a given number. This problem is NP-complete.

Both the C and pure ruby versions implement a fairly simple meet-in-the-middle algorithm. The C version uses an AVL tree to store the data, while the pure ruby version uses a ruby hash. For the C version to be used, the sum of the positive numbers and the sum of the negative numbers in the set, as well as the wanted number, must all be Fixnums. Additionally, max_seconds should be nil or a Fixnum.


Public Class

  1. subset_sum

Classes and Modules

  1. SubsetSum::TimeoutError

Public Class methods

subset_sum (values, want, max_seconds=nil)

Return first subset of values that sum to want, using the meet in the middle algorithm (O(n * 2^(n/2)).

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# File subset_sum.rb, line 23
def self.subset_sum(values, want, max_seconds=nil)
  raise(TypeError, "values must be an array of Integers") unless values.is_a?(Array)
  raise(TypeError, "want must be an Integer") unless want.is_a?(Integer)
  # Optimization by removing 0 values and doing some simple checks
  values = values.reject{|x| x == 0}
  values.each{|value| return [value] if value == want}
  return values if sum(values) == want
  pos, neg = values.partition{|x| x > 0}
  sp, sn = sum(pos), sum(neg)
  return pos if sp == want
  return neg if sn == want
  # Use the C version if it exists and all values will be inside the machine
  # limits
  if respond_to?(:_subset_sum, true) && _subset_sum_supported?(want, sp, sn, max_seconds.to_i)
    return _subset_sum(values, want, max_seconds.to_i)

  # The pure ruby version 
  sums = {}
  start_time = if max_seconds
  l = values.length/2
  subsets(values[0...l]) do |subset|
    raise(TimeoutError, "timeout expired") if max_seconds and - start_time > max_seconds
    sums[sum(subset)] = subset
  subsets(values[l..-1]) do |subset|
    raise(TimeoutError, "timeout expired") if max_seconds and - start_time > max_seconds
    if subset2 = sums[want - sum(subset)]
      return subset2 + subset